Vending Times, one of the most trusted magazines in the industry, stated that over 42 billion dollars were spent in vending machines all over the country last year. It could be a smarter time than ever to get yourself a piece of this money pie. With Americans being so on-the-move, it makes sense that they would like the convenience of vending machines. Over 70% of this exorbitant amount of sales was devoted to snacks and canned and bottled cold drinks.

SodaSnackCombos does not restrict its franchise owners to a small area. They allow one distributor per 50,000 people in that area! This means it is very easy to expand and grow your business opportunities. Last year, one snack and drink machine made an average of $8,010. Snacks accounted for a slightly smaller part of this percentage at $3,330. This means that if you had 10 SnackSodaCombos machines, you could potentially make $80,000 a year… on average!

SnackSodaCombos wants you to know that they are a reputable, valuable company. That reflects in their impeccable reputation with the Better Business Bureau. Since their inception, their vending franchise has not received one complaint. This means that the customer satisfaction is very high with this vending franchise and the brand has become trusted. Owning a SodaSnackCombos vending machine could yield big profits if you are looking to start a business with momentous potential.

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