In tough economic times, many people flourish with Entrepreneurial spirit. Have you been laid off? Has your 401k been frozen? Are you worried about retirement? Right now is the best time to start a vending franchise. Vending franchises are among the most inexpensive franchises to start, not requiring the hundreds of thousands in start-up costs that restaurant chains or conventional retail stores do. Vending franchises provide ample opportunity for expansion in your area, and with practically everything being offered in a vending machine nowadays, there is a vast array of products that you can offer your potential consumers.

Among the most trendy vending franchises are DVDs. DVD franchises like RedBox have soared in the past two years. The combination of convenience and unrivaled pricing makes them tough competition for conventional retail stores like Hollywood Video and Blockbuster. DVD franchises can be on the pricier end of vending franchises, however.

If you are looking for an even cheaper start-up, consider snack and soda vending machines. One machine alone has the potential to grow into a yearly net profit over $5,000 or more. The re-stocking of the machine is the only work that needs to be done, too. If you owned ten vending machines, that is fifty thousand dollars a year net profit! And are you ready for the best part? You work fewer hours (simply re-stocking your vending machines) and you are your own boss. If you’re looking for a new opportunity in business, or tired of the corporate grind, vending franchising could be for you. Franchise Clique will help you weigh the cost, benefits and opportunities for vending franchises available in your area by supplying you with the most up-to-date information and news about each business. You can get started in as little as thirty days and making money this year!