The Alco-Buddy vending machine is an intelligent machine that allows patrons to accurately assess their Blood Alcohol Content before driving. This machine allows you to be your own boss, control your expandability, and generate revenue. It also shows that you care about the drunk driving problem that plagues our nation. By purchasing and placing an Alco-Buddy vending machine in a bar, for instance, you could help impaired or intoxicated people make smarter decisions about getting behind the wheel.


The Alco-Buddy machine is also a smart investment because of expandability. Anywhere that serves alcohol is a great fit for the placement of Alco-Buddy. Local bars, arenas and clubs are the perfect place to start your search for placement opportunities. Simply having the machine in a bar can signify to patrons that the owner or proprietor cares about their safety. It sets the tone for people to make better decisions about drinking and driving. It might also help them control and moderate their drinking throughout the night. Perfect placements would be: concert venues, sporting arenas, bars, college hangouts, clubs, bowling alleys and open-late restaurants. There are probably many available locations in your area for an Alco-Buddy.


The best part about this franchise is that startup packages begin at just $4,000 for two machines. The Alco-Buddy franchise can even help you calibrate your first machine. Right now, on Franchise Clique, Alco-Buddy is running a discount for first-time buyers with a savings of $200. For more information about Alco-Buddy and similar vending franchises, check out Franchise Clique.