In the last few years, the craziest trend in vending franchises is definitely DVD vending machines. These digital machines are high-tech, convenient and easy to use. They continue to revolutionize the DVD rental industry, already out-populating traditional video rental stores across the nation. It seems that you can find one anywhere in any city. Renting DVDs from a franchise like DVD Now is convenient – there is no fiddling with cards or memberships, no scouring Google looking for a rental store nearby and no hidden fees.


The DVD now vending franchise is a smart one to get into, especially in this economy. The DVD vending industry saw an increase of 4% in the fourth quarter of 2008, when the economy was at its worst. This proves that this business will thrive because it offers people the ability to rent qualities movies for a smaller price and there are a lot of locations.


DVD Now kiosk locations include grocery stores and gas stations, which enables people to rent a DVD without making an extra stop on the way home from work or school. Since they are self-service, it is easier than going into a store, waiting in a line and dealing with a cashier. Also, DVD vending machines supply entertainment for families on a tight budget.


DVD Now only stocks the highest quality movies with high demand. Ninety-percent of traditional rental stores are new releases, whether the movie is good or under-producing. The DVD Now franchise enables you to decide what you carry according to what is popular in your area, making it the most profitable that it can be and not saddling you with unwanted movie titles.


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