The Back Massager is one of the most inexpensive franchises to start, with packages beginning at just $1,595. Usually, franchises require that you pay a franchise fee or royalties for using the brand name. Not with The Back Massager! You simply buy the personal massage chairs and place them in available locations in your area. There is no re-stocking, no employees to pay and no inventory to keep. The chairs literally do the work for you.

The Back Massager franchise works with you from “location acquisition, [to] marketing and technical support, and equipment financing.” You are put in the best possible position to make money.

Who will benefit from owning The Back Massager chair franchise? Anyone who is sick of the corporate grind and wants to be his/her own boss will benefit from owning these chairs. With twenty-seven locations, The Back Massager chairs can be placed in many environments, such as hotels, clubs, malls, hair salons, hospitals and laundromats. All of these places have high foot-traffic and have all been proven to be great placements for The Back Massager chairs.

Vending franchises are the way to go if you are looking to start a business with low risk and a smaller monetary commitment. The Back Massager vending franchise is one of the most inexpensive and can yield a high return on investment. If you still need help deciding, the United States Department of Commerce/Industry and Trade Administration said, “Vending business owners enjoy a 91% success rate even after 10 years in business.” Those are some good odds, especially in today’s rocky economy.

If you’re looking to buy a vending franchise, check out Franchise Clique for all of your inquiries. They have information to help you choose the right industry and franchise for your budget, expansion potential, employment opportunities and area.