With the economy in questionable shape, it is hard for people to imagine how they could become business owners. However, it is possible to own your own business without having to take out an insane loan. For under $20,000, you can be the owner of a Made in the Shade franchise, which produces a great income without a ton of overhead.  

Made in the Shade is a home-based window covering business that offers customers the ability to purchase high-end window coverings on the cheap. The prices are great, the customer loyalty is great, and the possibilities are up to you! With no start-up costs like a storefront or inventory, it is possible to start a Made in the Shade business fairly simply. You simply apply to be a Made in the Shade provider in your area, and before you know it, you are enjoying long-lasting relationships with brand-name manufacturing companies.

Are new neighborhoods cropping up in your area? It’s a perfect time to open a Made in the Shade franchise. Made in the Shade also offers you a generous territory, as they want you to make money, sell product and succeed! There are also zero monthly fees, unlike most larger and more expensive franchise opportunities. The best part? It is easy to work from home and still have time for your personal life. You can make your own hours with this franchise and more importantly, be your own boss. It would be a great family business, or something that can give you financial independence.

For more information about how you can apply to own a vending franchise, check out FranchiseClique.com. They have the most comprehensive list of franchise opportunities, sorted by location, industry and initial investment. They have everything you need to make a smart decision about your business-owning opportunities.