Often times we question whether or not we have what it takes to start and own our own businesses. Since the economic downturn, many people have been erring on the side of caution, which is smart. However, the economy is looking up more and more every day and there is lots of opportunity out there for you to take charge and be your own boss. Owning a vending machine franchise probably doesn’t sound like something you have been interested in before, but it is a smart decision nowadays.

Vend3, one of the nation’s largest vending franchises, can be perfectly suited for anyone. Since it dispenses three nationally recognized candies, the marketing guesswork is taken out of the equation. Companies like Mars Candy (owner of M&Ms) does their own marketing. You simply put the candy right in front of the person to buy. Vend3 is also perfectly suited for almost any location. The machines can be put at the front of a grocery store, amusement parks, bookstores, waterparks, etc. Anywhere that has high foot-traffic (and children wouldn’t hurt) is perfect placement for these delicious little candy machines.

General maintenance on these machines is also simple. They do not require much other than being refilled. They are also on display at all times, so even when you are busy or out of town, you have the potential to make money. Vending machines are a completely cash business, too, which can be helpful for those that need immediate funds.

Everyone has the potential to run his or her own business with this kind of franchise. College students, the elderly and families alike can all earn supplemental income with vending franchises. FranchiseClique.com has one of the most comprehensive websites in regards to information on franchises. They sort their franchises by industry, initial investment and location, so it is easy for you to see which business could potentially benefit your family most.