Today and throughout the course of this economic downturn, franchise sales have taken a hit. This is due in large part to people’s disinterest in starting a new business, which can be high-risk. With things like unemployment and interest rates skyrocketing, it’s no wonder that many people are reluctant to buy businesses, even if the brand is recognized and trusted.

2006-2007 was a great time for franchise sales and many franchises were born and expanded quickly. Unfortunately, many of those franchises have since suffered because the franchisors were not careful about protecting their franchisees and making sure that they saw the revenue they needed to before selling hundreds of others.

The good news that has come from this economic downturn, though, is the fact that people are now operating with more caution and sense. All risks must be calculated down to the dollar and cents. And most franchisors are really taking care to foster their franchisees and make sure that they do well before expanding to many other places. People now want to be certain that they are producing long-term success and not just a quick influx of cash. People are not taking the economy for granted, and this has produced many savvy business owners.

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