Many business opportunities still lie out there for the fully devoted individuals who are not downtrodden by a sticky economy. There are many lenders out there who are interested in financing businesses with proven business models to help stimulate our economy. The best place to start looking for an opportunity like this is franchising.

Franchises are a great start-up business idea for entrepreneurs because they offer a lot of assistance. You are not going through the process alone. They have proven business models that will lend you credibility and affordability. From locating prime real estate, to training, to marketing, to hiring, franchisers are there to assist franchisees along the way. One of the most up-and-coming franchise industries is healthcare. As the country becomes more aware of the escalating obesity epidemic and other illnesses, they are turning toward healthcare professionals to aid them in getting well.

Healthcare franchises range from alcohol and drug testing to senior care. And it’s a perfect time to get into senior care as the Baby Boomers are beginning to retire. BrightStar is an example of a great healthcare franchise that focuses on caring for the elderly. BrightStar professionals aid seniors in everything from hygiene to running errands. They allow seniors to stay in their homes, as opposed to going to retirement facilities, and are also available in hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Owners of BrightStar do not need to have a background in healthcare, which is a great bonus. BrightStar focuses on finding franchisees that have strong managerial skills and proven leadership. For more information, including start-up costs and training for healthcare franchises, you can check out They have the most comprehensive list on the web of franchise opportunities and you can search by cost, region and industry. Once you have found the franchises that you are interested in, Franchise Clique can put you in contact with franchisers and give you valuable advice about how to succeed in your new business.