There are two ingredients in the recipe to losing weight: fitness and nutrition. Ellipse Fitness is a franchise that offers both to the surrounding communities. This healthcare franchise offers a unique opportunity for anyone looking to open a franchise. It is a perfect way to make money while also helping the community around you.

Ellipse Fitness is a class-only workout facility, which means you don’t have to worry about your business being open 24/7. Classes are offered at all times of day to integrate easily into anyone’s schedule. Right now, this is a perfect time to be in the fitness industry. Many companies are offering incentives to their employees with healthy BMIs, who are losing weight, and who are taking the initiative to live a healthier lifestyle. Healthy employees make a healthy workplace. Ellipse knows this and wants you to cash in on the potential profit to be made.

Right now, Ellipse Fitness has facilities all over the United States and they are poised to grow. They say that their ideal franchisee is one that has a “strong desire to help others.” Indeed you can, and also it is a smaller initial investment than a normal gym like Gold’s.

The pros to owning a franchise includes training for you and your employees, having a support system, ideas regarding real estate, locations and marketing, etc. Ellipse even offers a unique system where a franchiser will put you in touch with a business consultant and you will strategize with them every week in order to ensure your success and cash flow. This is the kind of invaluable help with which most franchises will provide you.

Another perfect way to find out the real story about owning a franchise is to ask a fellow franchisee. Before you sign the franchise agreement, go find your nearest franchisee and talk to him/her about the experience. Were they really supported as much as they thought they would be? How hard was it to get started? How long was it before they turned a profit? Are they happy to have everything laid out for them or would they have rather started their own business with their own ideas? These are all great questions to consider, and by talking to someone who has already done it, you are sure to get great advice.

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