It’s no secret that the healthcare system is a hot-button issue these days. With an onslaught of legislation being passed and argued about, the obesity epidemic, the increasing frequency of widespread flu and other illnesses, it might be difficult to feel well. Everyone is moving at such a fast pace, crammed together in tight quarters, and the availability of processed food all lead. These things combined add up to one sick country.

The future is not so bleak, however, because there are plenty of things that people are doing to shape up. Companies and corporations across the nation are offering incentives to employees that lose weight or BMI (body mass index). These initiatives encourage employees to become more fit and healthy and prove the companies care about their employees’ wellbeing. Schools across the nation are also cracking down by offering less sugary and less fattening snacks and sodas in school vending machines, as well as in the cafeteria. By offering healthier options, school administrators are hoping that the childhood obesity rates will decline.

You may be thinking, “But what can I do to help your community with nutrition?” Well, if you have been thinking about investing in your own business, it could be easier than you think. By opening a healthcare franchise like GNC Live, you can provide your community with much-needed vitamins and nutrients. It’s the leading supplier of nutritional products and already has a great reputation and trusted brand. The marketing is basically already done for you!

Even better still, GNC is now offering 75% financing for individuals that qualify. Since there is a lower initial investment, it has great earning potential. Also, Entrepreneur magazine named GNC Live Well the number one franchise in the industry. They have 76 years of franchising experience, so you know that the business model has been tested and proven successful.

If you are looking for more information about health and fitness franchises, check out Franchise Clique. They have the most comprehensive list of healthcare franchise opportunities on the Internet and you can search by initial investment amount, industry and location. Once you have narrowed down your choices and decide to take hold of your future, it will be easy to get started and easy to be successful. Your community will thank you for opening something that will benefit them as opposed to something that will only cause further damage. Make wellness your business; it’s a commodity that we all need.