Vending franchises are one that you might not always consider, and that is usually because there is a lack of knowledge surrounding the world of vending. For instance, some people think that the vending machine is always owned by the people who own the building in which it is housed. This is almost always not the case. The truth is that vending franchisers solicit company buildings, schools, break rooms and other places nationwide to try and find the perfect location for their vending machines. The ideal location is obviously one with a lot of foot traffic, but it also needs to have a desirable item. And what is more desirable than accessing money?

Did you know that ATMs (automatic teller machines) are actually franchises? You can privately own many ATMs and put them virtually anywhere. There is a surcharge every time someone uses an ATM that does is not owned by their individual bank, so you end up making a lot of money. There are over 1,500 ATMs in the United States of America that are owned by the ACFN, the ATM Franchise Business. Even though it may seem like a lot, ten per state leaves a lot of room for expansion. If you’ve been looking for a way to break into a franchise business, this could be the one for you.

ACFN helps you choose your location using their tried-and-true parameters. They specialize in hotels and travel or entertainment-based businesses. They communicate with these businesses and confirm that there is a need for this service and then test accordingly. They contact locations and contract them for you, so your sole responsibility is maintenance and expansion of your business. ACFN can scale your business to your particular situation and it will not interfere with other opportunities to generate income (ie: your day job). You can decide when you are ready to expand and grow, and then you can yield even greater success.

ACFN has been ranked the 63rd fastest growing franchise in the United States and 97th in AllBusiness’s strongest financial franchise, even in 2010 when the economy was in a downturn. They also offer $1,000 discount on the initial investment for military veterans. The minimum investment is only $25,000, so it is still affordable if you’re not eligible for the discount.

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