You may think of “healthcare” and immediately think trouble, given the fight over legislation in Washington, D.C.; but quite to the contrary, healthcare can be a profitable business to be in right now. When you think of healthcare, you may think of hospitals, private practices and surgery centers; however, did you know that there are literally hundreds of franchises that are in healthcare without these things? Franchises like First Light Homecare for seniors, Foot Solutions, and Faces 365 are all in healthcare and profitable. These franchises serve the public well-being while also being affordable enough to open one yourself.

Foot Solutions is the least expensive franchise to start among the three. For just $9,500, you can get started with Foot Solutions, a franchise designed to serve people with foot, knee and back problems. You use a high-tech computer and equipment to scan people’s feet and fit them for custom-fit orthotics. Foot problems have become an increasing problem with the onslaught of obesity in America, and many people are in need of help. They need to walk straighter and more balanced, but find it difficult because of the pain they endure. You can help by opening a Foot Solutions franchise in your area.

First Light Homecare for seniors has been in business for over 100 years. And with an initial investment of less than $80,000, it could be the perfect business for you. Senior care is now in high demand because the baby boomers are beginning to come into retirement age. Many people’s families live far away from them and they are not properly taken care of. In response to this, franchises like First Light are able to take their proven business model of home healthcare and expand it to states across the country.

Faces 365 is a franchise that offers facials, teeth whitening, waxing, and other advanced services to the public. The initial investment for this franchise can be anywhere from $10,000-100,000. It is literally what you make it! Over 7 billion dollars are spent in the U.S. each year on skin products, and this is your chance to cash in while helping others feel good about their outward appearances.

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