When you think of owning your own business, especially at a time like this, you may feel like it’s a pipe dream. That is simply not the case. There is a way to own your own business and escape the normal road blocks that other people encounter: franchising. Owning a franchise might seem like a lofty goal, but there are literally thousands to choose from now. You don’t need to own a McDonald’s to own a franchise. In fact, there are many franchises opportunities that begin at less than $10,000. You might be thinking ‘this sounds too good to be true,’ but these franchises are just less popular, but just as common.

Vending franchises can be anywhere and dispense practically anything. They have vending machines for iPods, beer, ProActiv and all kinds of other products now-a-days. Vending machines can produce a lot more revenue than you think, too! The hottest vending franchise trend right now is DVDs. Think about it; every corner you approach, you see a Red Box or something similar. This is because it is a much more inexpensive way to get popular movies to the masses. People are sick of waiting in line in places like Blockbuster; they want their movies without the hassle of carrying a card, paying late fees, busy salespeople, etc. This offers the convenience that people desire.

These are not the only vending machines that make money, of course. There are the traditional snack and soda machines that still produce a ton of revenue for their owners, especially when you own multiple machines in high-traffic locations. The possibilties are truly endless with vending franchises and they cost the least to start. A restaurant or fitness franchise might run you into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most vending franchises cost below $10,000, but you still have the amply opportunity to expand as big as you want!

Vending franchises can also perform a service rather than dispense a product; for example, massage chairs are a huge industry to tap into. I bet you didn’t know that those were vending franchises, but they are very affordable to begin and cost little-to-nothing in maintenance.

With the popularity of franchises, there is one ultimate source on the Internet for all of your preliminary questions: Franchise Clique. They have the most comprehensive list on the Internet of current franchising opportunities and they are adding more literally every day.