Top Ten Fastest-Growing Franchises


Owning a franchise can seem like a huge feat, but there are so many that are proving to be profitable, even in our unstable economy. If you do a little research, you can see that owning a franchise is one of the easiest ways to start a new business. Instead of hitting stumbling blocks and having to work them out yourself, you are given a support team of franchisers that want you to succeed. Marketing, loans and real estate can be a cinch if you find a franchise which has established connections and a good reputation. To prove my point, I will share with you the top ten fastest-growing franchises this year, according to


The top ten fastest-growing franchises in 2011 are as follows:

10. System 4: System 4 is a commercial cleaning business that has gone from one location to over 7,000 franchisees and over 30,000 customers.

9. Bonus Building Care: Also a commercial cleaning service, the founders of Bonus also founded Jani-King, which has flourished over the years.

8. Vanguard Cleaning Systems: Vanguard has a small initial investment of just $8,000-38,000. They also offer a “Master Franchise” program.

7. Liberty Tax Services: You probably see these cropping up everywhere during tax season, and they are now #21 on Franchise 500’s list.

6. Pizza Hut: Though this chain has a high start-up cost, it pays off! They have opened over 300 franchises in the U.S. and Canada in the last year.

5. Anago Cleaning Systems: Another cleaning service that provides services like routine maintenance, window powerwashing and carpet shampooing.

4. CleanNet USA Inc.: This cleaning service focuses on cleaning retail, medical and hospitality facilities predominantly.

3. Subway: With their promotion of a healthier fast food option (and not too much competition), Subway has been able to expand in the last year. They are currently #9 on the Franchise 500.

2. Jan-Pro Franchising Int’l Inc.: With over 11,200 franchises, Jan-Pro is growing at a rapid rate. They also focus on cleaning businesses like gyms, banks, schools and office buildings.

1. Stratus Building Solutions: It should come as no surprise that the #1 spot also belongs to a cleaning service. Stratus Building Solutions focuses on cleaning business buildings, but also has a StratusGreen program, where they only use environmentally-friendly cleaning products.


There is also a huge range of initial investments for these franchises. You don’t need $100,000 to start your own franchise; you could need as little as $10,000! To learn more about affordable franchises and other business opportunities, check out Franchise Clique.