With the economy still in questionable shape, it’s hard to imagine that owning a home-based business could be profitable. But with the franchising opportunities that exist today, your potential is boundless. Today, we are going to focus on the Acti-Kare franchise, which offers superior aid to senior citizens in their own homes. This senior care franchise is one of the most reputable companies in the business and wants to help you succeed in helping others.

Acti-Kare is committed to their franchisees and they want to see you succeed. After all, the more success you have, the more success their brand has. That’s why they have set up an easy home-based business model, which allows you to have a low overhead and expand as you grow. Acti-Kare also sets you up with a referral network, meaning that you won’t have to scope out all of your own leads. This is a tremendous help for those people who have trouble cold-calling. Acti-Kare also has a call center that can create and manage your leads for you. This means you will never miss an opportunity to make more money from home.

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Acti-Kare is among the top 200 franchise systems in the world because of their proven business model and their work with their franchisees. Not only is owning this franchise beneficial to your wallet, but it’s also helping other people.