If you were considering opening up your own sandwich shop, consider these things:

Opening a Quiznos franchise is probably much more affordable than you think. The investment range starts at $41,880, after all.

Quiznos Sub Exterior

Did you also know that Quiznos offers financing options through the company? That means that they are literally investing in your success. And that means that they are going to do everything they can to ensure that success. After all, what’s good for your business is ultimately good for their business.

Quiznos also offers a nationally recognized brand, one that has been called one of the Best Restaurant Franchises to Own, so marketing won’t be such a headache. People are already looking for Quiznos, so you aren’t forced to look for customers.

And the best news? Quiznos can have you up and running in as few as 90 days. That’s right–in 3 months, you could be owning and operating your own business.

What’s that knocking sound? Oh, it’s Mr. Opportunity. And he’s ready for you to answer.