Senior care is looking at a serious upward trend for the next few decades, making it one of the most lucrative business opportunities out there.

Here are a few stats:

-By 2030, over 70 million Americans will be over the age of 65.

-The US Bureay of Labor said that the senior care industry had three out of ten potential growth markets until 2020.

-Entrepreneur magazine said that senior care is “only in its first inning,” indicating that the growth potential in the next three decades would be huge.

Convinced yet? If not, think about this as well. Most senior care franchises are home-based and allow you the flexibility to have a home life. You won’t be chained from your desk from 9-5pm. And you’ll be assisting senior adults that prefer to “age in place” since the majority of children live hundreds of miles away from their parents, limiting their aid options.

The startup costs are less than those of other franchise industries because it’s home-based and most franchisers offer finance options. There are a lot of senior care franchises to choose from, so it’s easy to choose the business model that will fit your lifestyle best. Most do not require previous senior care experience and some are not even medical, but predominantly focused on companionship.