Jimmy John’s franchisees are very happy. They’re enjoying a comfortable living even in this shaky economy. And they’re not the only ones. The Quiznos franchise has signed a deal in Tampa, FL to sell their subs at over 50 gas station locations. Subway’s $5 footlong marketing campaign has done extremely well for the chain.

Why am I telling you this? Because maybe it’s time to consider owning a sub or sandwich franchise. They have great selections and are giving Americans a healthier alternative to fast food staples like McDonalds and Burger King. They pride themselves on being fresh and fit and often have vegetarian option, which has become increasingly more popular.

If you’re looking to make the first step to owning your own business, owning a restaurant franchise could be for you. First stop, sandwich land! Check out FranchiseClique.com for more information about your business opportunities.