The first step to owning your own Nestle Toll House Cafe is to find out all the information you can about the franchise. They want to make sure you’re fully invested and passionate about their brand before you go any further. Then you can complete the Franchise Application, which is just a web form. There is no commitment to buy anything; it merely allows them to contact you and it tells them that you’re interested in their food and restaurant franchise.

Then you will receive an FDD, which is a Franchise Disclosure Document. It’s important to review this document very closely. It will tell you everything you need to know about owning a Nestle Toll House Cafe franchise, the Agreement you’ll have to sign, the financial statements and a list of current franchisees that you can contact to learn more about them. We recommend you call as many as you can to get a good idea of how their business is conducted. They are your best window of insight into the company.

Once the franchise agreement is prepared, you will sign it and secure a cafe location. Nestle will provide you with a number of tools to assist you in choosing a location. Once your store is scouted and secured, the construction can begin. Now it’s time to hire employees. The comprehensive training provided by Nestle Toll House Cafe is second to none. The ten-day program will be offered at corporate headquarters and will put you on the path to success before you open.

Then it’s time to celebrate your grand opening. They don’t leave it all up to you, though–you can still utilize the Franchise Support team for marketing techniques and distribution.