Initial investments for franchises depend a lot on industry. Starting a Quiznos franchise is going to be a lot different than owning a string of vending machine franchises. But if you’re looking for a stable income and the ability to have a flexibility schedule, while still being able to have a family life, maybe owning a senior care franchise is for you. Among some of the most reputable brands is Acti-Kare. Acti-Kare is a home-based business that furnishes care-givers to seniors across the nation.

ActiKare Employee

The good news is that the initial investment is only $19,750. An additional $6-10,000 is needed for start-up costs and advertising, which means that your total for purchasing your own business is less than $30,000. With this investment you get the added bonus of the supportive team for franchisees, a referral network and a call center, so that you never miss an opportunity. There is also on-site training, so you don’t have to have previous experience in senior care. Now is the perfect business opportunity to get into the senior care franchise industry and it’s relatively inexpensive to get started.