Sandwich franchises are on the up and up. They are booming as the country becomes more aware of its nutrition and health problems. Sandwich shops allow the patron to pick and choose what toppings go on (and which stay off!). Many people don’t have the availability of fresh vegetables, so these sandwich chains make it possible for them to get their nutrients affordably. They also cost less than most of the other restaurant franchises because they have less food cost. Among the top sandwich franchises to own is Quiznos.

Owning a Quiznos franchise is one of the easiest and most inexpensive restaurant franchises to own. You can open one in as little as 90 days and the initial investment can be significantly less than other restaurant chains. Quiznos also started their own lending process in 2007 and has not slowed down. Their financing options are great, and if you are qualified, it can be a very easy process to begin.

Blimpie Sub

Blimpie is also another great sub and sandwich franchise that has been successful, even during the recession. They currently have business opportunities open to all and new territories for you to scope out. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that these franchises will be as delicious as they are profitable!