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Entrepreneur Magazine has been naming the top 500 Franchises for a few years now and each franchisor is looking to make the top of the list to entice more franchisees to buy. It looks as if the Papa Murphy’s franchise has broken out in the last couple of years. The take-n-bake pizza franchise has been named #32 on the coveted list. Aside from being one of only three pizza franchises in the top 50, what separates Papa Murphy’s is the initial investment. For a Papa Murphy’s, your initial investment range is $209k-396k; compare that to a starting price of $295k (which jumps up to 2.15M) for a Pizza Hut.

Since Papa Murphy’s is a take-n-bake franchise, there is no need to hire delivery drivers or stay open until all hours of the night to compete with other chains. Papa Murphy’s has limited hours of operation. In addition, Papa Murphy’s does not require big conventional ovens that are often a major expense to the other pizza chains. These are all great reasons why they made the top 50 on and also great reasons why you should consider this lucrative business opportunity.