In no particular order, here are the ten fastest-growing franchise industries projected for 2012 according to Entrepreneur magazine.

Senior care franchises: We’ve been telling you this for a long time. Since the senior population is set to hit an all-time high in the next ten-fifteen years, it is certainly a big opportunity.

Child care franchises: With people going back to work because of the economy, it is no surprise that the child care industry is set to grow rapidly.

Burger franchises: Here’s one we didn’t predict, but people are apparently on the search for a “better burger.” They don’t want to give up their favorite sandwich, but they want a healthier or more unique option.

Fitness franchises: The big kick here is in the 24-hour gym (or late hours gym) that can accompany people with crazy schedules. Gone are the days when gyms are only open from 8am-6pm.

Resale stores: These are also a product of the current culture. We have been told to upcycle, reuse and recycle whenever possible. We’re also looking for bargains since the economy isn’t entirely stable. Enter resale stores (also consignment shops). These make a profit off of these thrifty ideals we have and are likely to continue into 2012.

BONUS** Tutoring: Many kids these days are tested for learning disabilities. These cannot always be accommodated by the teacher in the classroom, so this is where tutoring becomes a big business opportunity.