20% of the population will be over the age of 65 is 2030. That’s right; the baby boomers are coming of retirement age. That means it’s time for them to start planning about what they will do in case they are unable to perform daily duties without help. A vast majority of them want to stay in their homes should that ever occur and that means that home-based senior care franchises will start becoming increasingly more popular until then. Many people live thousands of miles away from their parents nowadays. And with the unstable economy, it’s important for people to feel like they have reliable care.

Brighstar Woman

Non-medical senior care like the BrightStar healthcare franchise can help seniors maintain their independence and families to rest easy about their loved one being taken care of. The litigation has grown for elderly neglect in nursing homes and you have the power to turn it all around by helping people in your community as they age. Simply helping with things like pet care, running medical errands and helping with personal care is sure to brighten someone’s life. BrightStar estimates that the senior care industry is a $55 billion dollar a year business, too. So you will be helping and collecting at the same time. It’s really a win-win.