fresh healthy vending franchise

The Fresh Healthy Vending Franchise is an innovative take on a very traditional and generally unhealthy idea – vending machines. Perhaps, the most attractive benefit about starting a Fresh Healthy Vending Franchise is that doing so serves a greater purpose – helping the general population eat, look and feel better. Eliminating the poor nutritional habits of traditional vending machines, Fresh Healthy Vending Franchises offer progressively healthy products like Cliff Bars and Odwalla drinks – much more beneficial options than greasy potato chips and sugary sodas. Additionally, Fresh Healthy Vending offers other improved nutritional options like soups, bars, milks and waters. They even offer healthy alternatives like baked pita chips and pop chips, for those who love snacks.

The Fresh Healthy Vending business model locates machines in local businesses, health clubs and schools across the country. Furthermore, we have the support of local and state governments, as well as many corporate wellness programs and improved school lunch activists. The Fresh Healthy Vending idea is one that aims to tap into a largely untapped market – healthy vending – and progressively improve the way people eat on the go. It is a concept that has a lot of support and momentum to do its part to change the way people eat for the better.