Vending machines make grabbing a bite to eat convenient in a variety of situations. They make it possible for us to get a snack while waiting for an appointment, in between classes or when we don’t have time to leave the office. The choices are typically limited to chips, candy bars and other packaged junk food.

When more substantial fare is available, it is usually highly processed. Some machines offer bagels with cream cheese, tuna sandwiches or burritos to heat up in a nearby microwave. These items are often lacking in nutritional value and taste.

Fortunately, technology is on the rise that can take vending machine franchises to the next level. A cupcake bakery has recently started stocking a vending machine with fresh products every evening for patrons who want something sweet after the shop closes. The potential is there for hundreds of other eateries to do the same.

Imagine grabbing a freshly baked bagel or muffin from the office vending machine on your coffee break instead of a stale honey bun. Refrigerators inside of the vending machines can keep freshly prepared sandwiches chilled. Likewise, heading units can make it possible for restaurants to sell individual hot entrees through vending machines.

The days of dining on Doritos and Snickers for lunch may soon be over! Try fresh soup or salad instead.