Would you hug a vending machine?

Coca-Cola wants to encourage you to give more hugs and smiles in your life. As an reward, you will feel better about yourself while getting a free drink.

Coca-Cola is introducing “Hug Me” vending machines for a global marketing campaign called “Open Happiness.” Launched in 2009, Open Happiness wants to reach out to people and promote positivity, happiness, and an overall fun atmosphere to all people around the world. All you have to do is share a hug with a Coca-Cola vending machine that has the words “hug me” displayed in large letters on the front. Those daring enough receive a free cold Coca-Cola.

This innovative campaign wants to spread a little happiness and optimism. We could all use a smile now and again. Why not get a free drink with it? It might seem silly to some people. But lifting spirits is a worthwhile endeavor, and bringing this happiness to people by using new technologies and innovative ideas is bound to catch on at a global scale with other vending machine companies.

With a smile, a hug, and a free Coca-Cola, people can find happiness in the simplest of ways. Hopefully, more companies are willing to share in the message.