U-Turn Vending Machine Franchise When you think of money-making franchise opportunities, you probably don’t immediately think of vending machines. Let’s face it, you probably didn’t even realize that vending machines were a franchise opportunity. But the fact of the matter is that the vending machine industry is a billion-dollar industry (In the U.S. alone some $64,000 are spent at such machines each minute), so it’s something that should be taken seriously for any would-be franchise owner. Take for example, U-Turn Vending Machines, a franchise that’s existed for over 20 years and is ideal for the independent vending machine owner/operator. The franchise provides the U-Turn Bulk Candy Vendor, which features eight removable canisters for any type of candy. What’s more is that the vending machine is attractive enough to stand out in any convenience store or snack area and durable enough (each machine is made to be reliable and robust) so it won’t be broken. Machines also come with a five-year warranty plan, just in case there’s an unexpected default. It is also a low-risk investment to buy into the vending machine opportunity. No selling or technical experience is required and vending machines are said to be recession-proof with high money-making potential.