Do you enjoy watching movies? Are you looking to get into the entertainment industry? Do you want a business where you can set your own hours and work without leaving home? Do you want unlimited income that you can spend any way you want? Are you ready to start your own business but don’t know where to begin? Your search is over! has been helping ordinary people to independent business owners.

DVDNow offer individuals the tools and opportunity they need to become entrepreneurs. Movie rental has become the fasting growing business in the world. Movie rental stores like Blockbuster and Hollywood is quickly disappearing. Why go to the video store to rent a DVD when you can get it at the check out counter? Machines are located outside stores, in the mall, and even at the gas stations.

DVDNow Rental Franchise

You can become a with very little startup charges. Even with a recession going on you can still make money. People will sacrifice a lot of things, but entertainment is not one of them. No one can pass up a good movie. Become an independent dealer and distributor of new movie releases and hard to find movies.

Attract customers at all levels. Purchase one machine or several. Colleges, universities, hospitals, restaurants and apartment complexes are high traffic areas that attract a lot of attention from people of every genre. DVDNow allow entrepreneurs to earn as much money as they want. While hundreds of people are investing in DVD vending machines the market is still in high demand.

There are areas in the world that this industry has not yet reached. If you own a business, put a vending machine inside the office. Employees can watch a movie on their lunch break or take one home over the weekend.