Intobox Breathalyzer Machine

Sometimes you can tell how well a business will do based on current events and what consumer demands they may spark. The fact is that most states are cracking down on alcohol-related accidents/crime. A simple DUI, for example, can lead to a hefty fine and, in some instances, jail time.

In addition to this, liability has also become a huge issue both for everyone. Driving while intoxicated can lead to expensive lawsuits, lost wages, reduced productivity, friction at home, loss of jobs, etc. In other words, it’s in everybody’s best interest to prevent alcohol-related mishaps.

While other ideas have been proposed, breathalyzer vending machines are a promising, realistic solution for this problem. The best of these machines come with a monitor, easy-to-follow instructions, interactive software, multiple ways to pay (cash or credit card), and state of the art sensors. Two wonderful franchise opportunities with such high-quality machines are IntoxBox and Boozelator Breathalyzer.

In addition to saving lives and protecting people from lawsuits/prosecution, these machines can also make money, i.e., the nominal fees people pay to find out if they have consumed too much alcohol; then there are the fees that may be derived from the advertising displayed on a continuous basis.

If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor for what promises to be a very profitable opportunity, a breathalyzer vending machine franchise route may be for you. In terms of support/quality, here’s what you can expect :

24/7 technical support

Assistance in setting up/maintaining machines

Ad placement/revenue-bringing-in guidelines

Low cost, minimum-time machine up-keep

Financing (if eligible)

Low investment

Non-jamming bill technology

Reliable BAC readings (using fuel cell sensors)

Discreet instant results

Machines that look great and attract attention in any environment