Have you ever walked into a grocery store lobby, grabbed a shopping cart, and looked over at the vending machines? These machines offer an assortment of candies and children’s toys, as this brings back memories of when you were a child asking your mother for her spare change she got back from buying groceries so you can get something from the vending machine.

U-Turn Vending Company

One type of vending machine you will find available in most grocery stores, retail stores, entertainment parks, and other places is manufactured by the U-Turn Vending company. Also known as Vend-All and US Vend Technologies LLC., U-Turn Vending offers an array of coin machines that come in 1-level, 2-levels, and 3-levels that have 4 compartments, 8 compartments, and 12 compartments to hold anything from candies, nuts, and small toy prizes.

Operating since 1988, U-Turn has expanded its vending machines to regions all over the world. The Pacific Equity Group took over the company in February 2000, as it continued to give interested entrepreneurs the opportunity to be in business for themselves in this lucrative franchise. People are taking advantage of purchasing the U-Turn Vending machine to make a profit from bulk sales that doesn’t require knowing any selling or technical experience.

U-Turn Vending Franchise Opportunity

Instead of being nostalgic about your childhood days of when you loved getting toys and candy from those machines, why don’t you become your own boss and jump at the franchise opportunity? Own your own U-Turn Vending franchise, and let the new generation of children eagerly place their coins into the machines and get their own wonderful prizes and sweets.

You’ll receive free training and comprehensive customer support to help you become a success. Enjoy the repeat business and high profit potential without worrying about any type of credit risk or having sales dry up due to a seasonal market product. With an average of $64,000 spent on vending machines every minute in the United States, you can enter this profitable business opportunity and see your share of positive sales growth.