Soda pop is an American past time favorite. Almost every single person has one each day. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has come up with an idea to ban the sale of drinks that contain large amounts of sugar. The aim is to try and get people to make healthier choices regarding the drinks that they choose.

What is Included in the Ban

The ban focuses on helping people make better choices when they are eating out. The idea is that if the unhealthy choice is not available for people to consume, they will choose an option that is better for them and their health. The ban focuses in on the sale of sweetened drinks and has the following attachments that people will have to follow.

  • The ban would stop the sale of sweetened drinks at restaurants, street venders and all theaters over 16 oz.
  • Drinks under 16 oz would not be affected.
  • Coffee would be included in on the ban, but milk and other dairy based drinks would not be included.
  • Retail grocery stores can still sell the sweetened drinks without any problem.
  • Alcohol will still be allowed for sale at local venues.

Even though there will be less choices for people to choose from they will still have the option of choosing beverages that are healthy for them.

How the Ban Will Help Some Local Shops

Not every business that sells drinks will be affected by the ban. Franchises that promoted health based drinks will stand to benefit from the increased sales of unsweetened drinks. More and more people will have the option of only choosing healthy drinks that are over 16 oz. Franchise owners that want to increase their sales of healthy drinks will find that it will happen on its own since people will have to choose healthy options.