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On Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama and Disney have come to an agreement to work together to reduce obesity among children. Disney has stated that they will restrict junk food advertising on the Disney Channel and Disney products, so as to not continue tempting children into wanting unhealthy products.

According to The New York Times, the new nutritional guidelines, will also stretch as far as to incorporating more healthy foods in the Disney Theme Parks, as well as providing guidance in grocery stores by labeling what Disney considers healthy, with a Disney symbol – yellow Mickey Mouse ears with a green check mark. Newly acceptable foods will need to have less than 10 grams of sugar, are low in fat, and low in sodium.

Besides this being amazing news for parents, nutritional educators, and the millions of people that have been advocating for healthier foods, this is also great news for health food companies. Many of such businesses should see an increase in revenue and business as such changes become implemented, and as many other companies potentially follow in Disney’s footsteps. Health food companies such as Sprout Healthy Vending foresee this new policy as a match made in heaven for them to acquire more business. Sprout Healthy Vending is a vending company that provides only healthy name-brand foods, ranging from fresh fruit to healthy yogurts to healthy chips, that follow healthy food guidelines. Should we expect to see these vending machines around Disney parks in the foreseeable future? Most likely. And hopefully they will not stop there, and will also merge into schools, colleges, and businesses, replacing junk food vending machines.