Vending franchises have always been a solid business opportunity, whether it be for the first time entrepreneur or seasoned invester. Like any business model, the vending machine franchise success depends on the ability to adapt to the changing tastes and spending habits of today’s consumer. As healthy eating becomes more of a lasting routine and less of a fleeting trend, many very successful vending machine franchises are shifting their sales and changing out the usual vending machine food with healthier products. Several vending franchises are leading the rest of the pack when it comes to healthy vending machines, many of which are still open to investors and entrepreneurs. Naturals 2 Go is one vending franchise that is extremely attractive to those looking for healthy vending opportunities. Naturals 2 Go partners with some of the leading health food stores and providers to lend your new franchise instant marketability and trusted brands. As businesses and schools catch up with society’s health conscious trend, vending machines with fat, greasy, junk food will become relics and be swapped out for the newer, healthier vending machine franchises, and Naturals 2 Go is one of the top names in healthy vending. Whether you are expanding on markets and locations that are already successful, or you want to be the first in your area to offer healthy vending, Naturals 2 Go is a great franchise opportunity.

Another very good healthy vending franchise with an established, trusted brand name is Fresh! Healthy Vending. Fresh! Healthy Vending is a unique vending franchise because it offers 100% juices, smoothies, yogurt, and even fruits and vegetables via high tech, state of the art vending machines. Fresh! Healthy Vending also helps its franchisees out tremendously, including providing high quality, name brand products and assisting them in finding and securing profitable locations. Odwalla fruit and vegetable smoothies, Cliff bars, and many other extremely popular health snacks and foods are available through Fresh! Healthy Vending, and franchisees have access to corporate help during every step of the process.

A third vending franchise, Healthier 4U Vending, also presents a very lucrative business opportunity for entrepeneurs and investors. Healthier 4U Vending, like Fresh! Healthy Vending and Naturals 2 Go, specializes in name brand, trusted health conscious food that is easily accessible on the go. Healthier 4U has American made, high tech machines that can be accessed via remote control, and the corporate office in Las Vegas, Nevada provides franchise owners with in depth, comprehensive training courses on how to not only run the machines, but successfully run the franchise as well.

With the growing trend of healthy eating making its way into legislation, our schools, offices, hospitals, and more, healthy vending machines will only continue to replace unhealthy vending machines and entrepreneurs who get in early — rather than later — will surely profit.