Everyone has been in the dreaded situation where you deposit your cash into a vending machine and are then forced to shake the sides of the case to release the snack. Now, imagine a world where this task was not an annoyance but entertainment. Enter the Rugbeer Vending Machine.

As the name implies, the machine, created by Ogilvy for Cerveza Salta beer, is intended to appeal to Salta, Argentina’s massive fan base for the physical sport of Rugby. Thirsty passerby’s must simply insert their change, make a selection, and then body slam into the side of the machine for it to dispense their beer. The key being to tackle with enough brute force to light up the required amount of bars on a strength gauge thus releasing the goods.

It is probably safe to say that the sport of Rugby is gaining popularity thanks to this impressive marketing ploy. While most aren’t accustomed to physically working for their beer, the machines have been on a tour of Argentinian clubs and pubs and have resulted in a 25% average increase of alcohol sales for each establishment. Vending machine manufacturers everywhere are likely praying that their own machines do not get mistaken for Rugbeer Vending Machines.