Many grocery stars have Coinstar machines. You pour your loose coins in and the machine counts them for you. After deducting a small percentage, you can choose from payment in the form of cash or gift cards. It is a very convenient service.

Coinstar is an innovator in providing convenience in the form of vending machines. The company also operates Redbox DVD rental vending machines. They will soon add another machine to their lineup.

Coinstar has been working with Seattle’s Best coffee, which is owned by Starbucks, on a vending machine system that will grind and brew coffee beverages instantly. The machines have been tested in Washington D.C., Seattle and San Francisco for months and Coinstar has recently signed an exclusive 5-year deal with Starbucks for the kiosks.

Around 500 of the machines will be installed in drug, grocery and other retail stores this summer. Thousands of more will be added over the next few years. Coffee drinks will start at $1.00, while fancier beverages, such as mochas and lattes, will start at $1.50.

Soon you can cash in your coins, rent a DVD and grab a cup of fresh, premium coffee all while you’re at the grocery store. I know the promise of a delicious latte will certainly make Saturday morning grocery shopping a much more tolerable chore for me. In fact, I may conveniently forget a few things, so I can run out for a coffee break later in the week!