What does a thirsty skateboarder do when he has no money and is craving a refreshing Coke? He shoves his arm into a vending machine as far as he can to try and swipe a can of his favorite drink. Unfortunately for one 17-year-old in California, a growth spurt must have made his arm a bit too big for this trick leading to an embarrassing predicament.

The skater’s arm became stuck in the machine, and he was at the mercy of rescue personnel to free him. On the bright side, he is going to have quite a story to tell. It must have been a slow night for first responders, because an entire fleet of personnel including police, firemen and paramedics responded to the call.

Since no one with a key could be located, the team had to cut him free. The rescue took an hour, and the Coke machine was destroyed in the process. The teen’s parents may have to pay for the damages. When it comes to dumbest ways to get a criminal record THIS is the real thing.