Getting kids to eat healthy has been one of the main topics of interest concerning public education for some time now. At first, the school lunches were to blame. Now, kids are avoiding the school’s attempts at healthy lunches and instead opting for vending machines and a la carte. The USDA has yet to pass the proposal that would regulate just what is sold in these vending machines and a la carte stores in schools. Just what do schools have to lose in providing healthy alternatives?

According to PEW and RWJF, schools are not likely to see a decline in revenue when vying for these healthy alternatives for their students. Healthy alternatives like the Fresh Healthy Vending Machine and the Sprout Healthy Vending machine. These state of the art vending machines are some of the newer options schools have to revamp their food offerings to students. In lieu of the unhealthy snacks and treats offered in vending machines and a la carte stores, Fresh Healthy and Sprout Vending offer well-known healthy snacks, drinks, smoothies, yogurts, vegetables and fresh fruits through their technologically advanced vending machines. Their machines use advanced online reporting systems so you can see what’s being sold at any time and they also accept both cash and cashless forms of payment such as credit or debit. Some students may even be deterred to buy the school lunches instead of purchasing from the vending machines, bringing the school even more direct revenue.

Since it has been proven that students will eat healthier when they have less access to unhealthy foods, it is now up to schools to supply them with what the USDA will soon deem most suitable. Whether or not the schools see a decline in revenue is yet to be seen.