Ready to tweet for free out-of-this-world refreshment? South Africa’s BOS Ice Tea just made it possible with a little help. In an ingenious effort to engage customers, BOS and their social media agency, RAAK, rolled out the Free Tea for a Tweet campaign. Using the Bevmax 4-45 (Bev) vending machine customers are tweeting on arrival and getting their choice of one of five flavors of BOS Ice Tea.

Social media has drastically changed the face of customer engagement by giving consumers a way to directly communicate with sellers. Add savvy technology like GPS and the smarter than thou Bev and you’ve got a winning strategy for building an invested customer base. Bev is blending the buy with social media and making a real time experience.

Customers simply approach the Bev, tweet about BOS, and the machine dispenses their free tea. Both the customer and the company win with this strategy and that is evident at Wembley Square in Capetown where the campaign rolled out. It’s not only innovative but also fun for customers as they get to try something new just for sharing it with their friends, virtually.