Thanks to a new vending machine technology, global warming can now help you get discounts on thirst quenching drinks. According to Discovery News, the Spanish marketing agency Momentum has begun installing smart vending machines around the country that lowers the price on drinks when it is hotter outside and raises the price on drinks when it is colder. This, in theory, reflects when people are more likely to buy vended drinks, giving customer’s discounts when the demand is particularly high.

The smart vending machine rollout is for the Coca Cola Company’s Minute Maid brand, which has a new flavor called “Limon & Nada” or just lemonade, as we know it in the States. There are currently 18 of these smart vending machines scattered around Spain, primarily in amusement parks where the thirst for lemonade drinks is high and members of the key demographic are most prevalent. These prices fluctuations will only be in effect between July and September, at least to start, as that is when the temperature is the warmest and the largest discount can be offered.

So, for example, when the temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit and below, the price for a drink will be two Euros. Between 78 and 84 degree Fahrenheit the price will be 1.4 euros and when the mercury rises about 86 degrees, each drink is just one euro. While these smart vending machines are only selling the aforementioned Minute Maid lemonade, it’s only a matter of time before sodas will be stocked in a similar, temperature price fixing fashion. Not only is this technology wildly cool and a very intelligent way to get people to buy drinks on a hot day, but it also stands to make people pay closer attention to the weather each day, rooting for the heat.