Vending machines might be one of the greatest gifts of the 20th Century. Need a coffee but don’t want to stand in line? Find a vending machine. Need a bag of chips? Find a vending machine. Need a soda? Find a vending machine. Need some mashed potatoes? Find a vending machine. Wait, what was that last one?

From what seems to be ripped from an Onion headline, 7-Eleven stores in Singapore are now offering mashed potatoes in vending machines, and the purveyor of fine eats who pushes the button to receive these steaming hot potatoes can even select different kinds of gravy, including BBQ. These aren’t just any mashed potatoes coming out of a machine though. These are potatoes that have been seasoned with Maggi’s famous seasoning sauce, and in all seriousness, these potatoes are pretty popular in Singapore.

So, this begs the question about whether America will ever see mashed potato machines in its 7-Elevens; it seems that it is up to each franchisee to ask for the different products to be placed in a particular store, so it is up to the populace to demand their God given right to get their potatoes from a vending machine. Although it might seem a little unorthodox, the more I think about a tub of mashed potatoes, the hungrier I’m getting.