Most of us give very little thought to vending machines. If we need a cold drink, a quick snack or a late afternoon candy bar, we dig up a dollar and head to the closest one we can find. However, newer vending machines may make filling these sudden cravings easier than ever before and, perhaps more expensive. New vending machines will allow consumers to purchase products using their debit or credit cards.

Coca Cola Co. leads the way

Surprisingly enough, Coca Cola has been a leading partner in making vending machines that will accept debit and credit cards. The idea behind this is a consumer who heads to the machine for a drink and decides on a snack can pay for both items without the hassle of stopping and "feeding" the machine a second time.

Driving force behind this change

Many consumers may have wondered what took the vending machine industry so long. Remember, most credit card companies charge business owners fees on each transaction. Combine these fees with expenses involved in updating machines, many felt it was not worth the expense. However, since consumers, particularly younger consumers, are more likely to have a credit card on hand than cash, vending machine owners needed to keep up with the times.

Chances are, most of us will not see these more modern vending machines any time soon. Additionally, the potential for spending more than we intend will increase a they become more popular. Single swipe access for multiple items will likely make these machines a real hit with consumers of all ages.