Children and teens save their pocket change to raid the school vending machines. They load up with fizzy drinks, sugary snacks and fatty chips to get them through the day. Many teachers and parents are worried that it is impossible to teach youth about nutrition when they are saturated with saturated fat options every day. Fresh Healthy Vending was created in 2010 to be a healthy, great tasting alternative to the usual fare in vending machines. It is easier to teach youth about eating right when they have another choice.

Filling vending machines with alternative options is only part of the battle. These nutritious drink and snack items cannot be effective unless they are in schools instead of the usual machines. Fresh Healthy Vending seeks to eliminate junk food vending machines by offering $1 million in grants so that schools and businesses implement their vending machines. Any school, company, or youth center may be eligible to apply and start providing healthy options to their community.

This grant process may be the easiest one schools and businesses ever complete. Fresh Healthy Vending wants the machines in schools immediately where they can start reaching youth. The machines will be delivered and installed for free, and youth will be drawn to the bold, innovative machines and delicious food inside. The vending machines will be stocked with any healthy food kids crave like yogurt, smoothies, granola bars, fruits and veggies.

Fresh Healthy Vending wants to eradicate junk food in schools but they know they cannot reach this goal alone. The grant opportunity is a chance for the company and communities to work together to give youth who are normally exposed to junk food at school and home a chance to experience the benefits of eating healthy.