As we all know, Starbucks can be found almost everywhere. There are aromatic bags of coffee for sale in our grocery stores and quaint cafés on every corner; however, it doesn’t stop there, in the near future our offices may also be within Starbucks’ domain!

Starbucks is teaming up with Selecta, which is the largest vending services company in Europe, to branch out into the coffee vending machine industry. This facet of the company is being termed “Starbucks Office Coffee.”

The pilot offices that will receive these machines in September will be in Switzerland.

Three Different Models of the Machine will be Available

  1. A floor model that stands alone.
  2. A mini table-top version that is similar to the Keurig.
  3. A beautifully integrated corner coffee machine.

Drink Selections

The vending machine will offer just as many customizable options as there are in the store, ranging from hot chocolate, tea to the classic latte.

Should this venture with Starbucks be successful in Switzerland, Seleca may decide to begin offering it to other parts of the world, including the United States.

The “Starbucks Office Coffee” vending machines are just another step closer for Starbucks to say that they truly are everywhere.