Vending machines have gone beyond smart to become completely engaging tools used to build brands. These machines encourage consumers to do everything from shout at the top of their lungs to “grinding” with them for free products. With the aid of ad agency Leo Burnett, Kenco Milligan coffee company in the U.K. decided to dabble in this new marketing tactic.

Setting up a machine powered by a voice actor in Soho Square, London – consumers did as told when reacting to the machine’s command with what appears to be a complete sense of childlike joy. Their reward for partaking in the machine’s sometimes odd requests, a free cup of coffee.

In test after test consumers jumped at the chance to interact with the machine bringing a captive audience to the Kenco Milligan brand and innovative machine. “Kenneth”, Kenco’s machine sings and whines in an attempt to grab consumers from the streets to play with him. In our highly automated world, these groundbreaking vending machines do far more than give away free product; they create a fun atmosphere for building brand awareness and a community of entertained and engaged consumers.