Vending machine franchises are an excellent way for entrepreneurs to boost their income, and machines that provide healthy eating opportunities for consumers are particularly suitable in today’s marketplace.

A successful example of this trend is Fresh Healthy Vending, 30 percent of whose franchise owners have reported growth since franchising began in 2010.

Fresh Healthy Vending machines catch people’s eyes with their distinctive, bright colors and healthy snack foods and drinks. Operators can operate and monitor each machine from remote, which is a timesaving feature that franchisees appreciate.

The vending machines take credit and debit cards. They offer a wide variety of popular healthy brands, including fruits, vegetables, smoothies and yogurt. The machines also provide juices, protein shakes, organic gourmet coffee and iced tea, as well as chips, bars and organic cookies.

These vending machines are ideal for health-conscious consumers who are tired of putting up with unhealthy snacks when they can’t leave their location to get something nourishing to eat or drink. This focus on serving the needs of healthy consumers is a major factor in the exceptional growth rate for Fresh Healthy Vending machine franchise owners. The company is devoted to helping identify promising location for new vending machines, which further contributes to the growth these entrepreneurs are seeing.