A clever new stunt has Coke Zero and James Bond fans wondering what they may be asked to do when getting a Coke Zero from a vending machine.

The contest gave multiple participants the chance to win special tickets to the new James Bond movie “Skyfall”, if they could complete a James Bond type of task. Here’s how it went. A Coke Zero machine in the Antwerp, Belgium Central Train Station, asked some beverage buyers if they wanted to win tickets. Once selecting the “yes” button they were given the challenge to reach the railway station’s Platform 6 in 70 seconds.

It seemed easy enough, but in the fashion of James Bond, that wasn’t the case. Participants were hampered by a variety of movie-like obstacles like falling oranges from a cart, a tangled mess of leashes tied to a pack of dogs, two men carrying a plate glass window, a chatty, but beautiful, lady in a red dress and more. Once completing their mission, they ended up at yet another vending machine where their special tickets were dispensed.

This latest promotion between the movie “Skyfall” and Coke Zero may have us all wondering “what’s next?” when getting a soda from a vending machine!