What do you get when you combine a money-stealing machine and a woman having a bad day?

A torched machine and a woman having a really bad day.

For most people, when a vending machine fails to vend our items, we get annoyed. We’ll pound on the machine, maybe even kick it. We might even throw some choice expletives in its direction.

But a 43-year-old woman in New Bern, NC decided that the traditional approach to dealing with a machine stealing her money wasn’t good enough. Instead she set fire to the Piggly Wiggly’s 7-UP vending machine that kept her dough, but didn’t cough up the crisp and clean, no caffeine soda. The woman was caught on tape stuffing a lit newspaper into the machine. The machine was destroyed, as was its contents and $35 in change.

Now the woman is facing several felony charges.

Maybe next time, she’ll opt for the water.