energy star vending machines

ENERGY STAR certification isn’t just for washers and dryers. The hallmark of energy efficiency also applies to beverage vending machines.

The best part about vending machines is also the worst: they’re always “open.” While this constant availability make vending machines a lucrative opportunity it’s also a waste of natural resources. Since 2004, ENERGY STAR has made it possible for beverage vending machines to use up to 1,700 kWh a year less than conventional machines, saving building and business owners around $150 in utility bills annually.

New and rebuilt refrigerated vending machines use less electricity by incorporating more efficient mechanical components (e.g. compressors, fan motors and lighting systems) and by including a low-power mode option for periods of inactivity. The low-power mode uses less energy for lighting and low-energy refrigeration states to maintain cool temperatures for beverages.